Become an association member of Dovercourt Recreation Association (DRA) and help us with our mission of building a healthy, active and engaged community through recreation!

In order to vote at our AGM, you must be an association member, but please note that you do not need to be an association member to participate in Dovercourt’s programs.

Membership is free and is open to individuals 19 years of age or over who live in our defined catchment (see map below) and support the mission, values and vision of DRA listed on the reverse.

Our catchment is bordered by:

  • the Ottawa River to the north  |  Lincoln fields to the west
  • Parkdale to the east  |  the Queensway and Carling Avenue to the south.
Dovercourt catchment area

All members must be approved by our Board of Directors. Membership shall be denied only where the Board receives credible information that the applicant:

  • may constitute a threat to participants at DRA or to the good governance or good reputation of the Association; or
  • maintains a membership in an organization known to promote hate, racism, violence or other similar issues contrary to the values of DRA, or participates in activities of this nature.

Yes! I am at least 19 years of age, I live in the defined catchment, I support the mission and values of DRA, and I want to work towards a healthy, active and engaged community.

Application for membership in Dovercourt Recreation Association

Please read Our Mission and email the following information.

Email Sureen Gosal, Executive Director [email protected] with your:

  • Name, address, email
  • City, Province, postal code
  • Home phone, Cell phone