At Dovercourt, dancers learn the love of dance in a fun environment!

Dancers will develop self-esteem, coordination, balance and poise under the guidance of our professional and fun instructors. The balance, coordination and flexibility taught will be a great benefit to any child wanting to learn dance.

girls in a ballet class


Classes focus on placement, alignment, flexibility and musicality through traditional ballet techniques. Dancers will learn ballet concepts, vocabulary, and skills on the floor and with the barre, in a fun and welcoming environment.

parent & tot

In these classes, dancers are accompanied by a parent or guardian to help with balance and body movement. A great way to have fun and bond while dancing along to some favourite songs.


Learn and practice popular dance moves to enhance coordination, flexibility, rhythm, and strength. Jazz class offers an energetic, fun atmosphere to learn new movements and explore body and creativity.

kids doing hip hop dancing

hip hop

Enjoy high energy classes with instruction in a wide range of urban-based dance moves. Dancers will learn and practice a variety of street-style moves to their favourite hip hop tunes.

tiny dancers

A fun introduction to dance for our youngest participants ready to be on their own with a caring and talented instructor. Tiny dancers will learn the basic movements that provide a foundation for all dance styles, while gaining a love of movement and rhythm.


Students should wear clothing that they are able to freely move in. Some dance shoes may be required; please check with the instructor.

dance recital photo

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Including arts, music, drama, baking, sports, playgroups, STEM, dance and more.

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