Room Naming Sponsorship

As part of our building expansion program, we have welcomed a number of local businesses that have stepped up to a significant sponsorship for corporate naming rights. Their contributions over a ten year period brand the individual rooms at Dovercourt with their corporate name, and will help us make the changes and expansion of our centre to better serve our clients.


Carling Motors Volvo and Mazda

Carling Motors Volvo and Mazda is our first contracted sponsor. The Carling Motors Room is located to the right at the lower entry-level and is focussed as a multipurpose fitness room. Thank you Carling Motors for helping us get bigger and better! Visit them at

Ottawa Physiotherapy and Sport Clinics Room:

Located upstairs (formerly known as the Assembly Hall), this is our biggest room and hosts daily fitness programs (with a great new sound system) as well as after school programs, Hoop jams, rentals and more. Located on the upper level, follow the music to find it! Ottawa Physiotherapy and Sport Clinics is a busy and friendly clinic with three locations, offering help for those recovering from a sports injury or dealing with chronic pain, who provide services including acupuncture, massage therapy, aqua therapy, and custom knee bracing. Currently, their Westboro Clinic is located at 368 Churchill Avenue North, but watch for their new location coming soon.

Morris Home Team

The Morris Home Team room is the new room located at the upper level of the centre that was completed in the Spring of 2019. Named in honour of Pat and Susan Morris, one of our first and most loyal sponsors, it is a busy space for all ages and abilities. Morris Home Team is part of the Royal Lepage Realty group, and is a friendly and very busy Westboro Real estate specialist.

Westboro Station Dental

Formerly the Studio, the Westboro Station Dental room is located on our top floor and is used as our pottery studio, afterschool programs, fitness classes and more.

westboro station dental logo

Other Sponsors

At Dovercourt, one of the ways we keep prices affordable, purchase new equipment, run special events and support our charitable initiatives is through help from several local businesses. As a local charity, we rely on their help and in all of our sponsorship relationships, it has been about much more than just a trade of money for exposure, each one has a story.


Morris Home Team

This local real estate firm, part of the Royal Lepage Group, has been a sponsor of many things for Dovercourt, and the best thing about this long friendship is that they came to us! Pat and Susan Morris, from their experience as realtors and as a local family, were well aware of the value of what Dovercourt provides in the community, and asked how they could help. As one of our very first sponsors, this relationship grew from the sponsorship of the skating show element of the winter carnival, to the provision of the Dovercat funmobile (our cargo van), and our bouncy house. They have added to this very significant help every year, sponsoring one of the water safety banners in the pool, sponsoring recreation staff uniforms, contributing to our growing community events, and becoming a sponsor of our community stage at WESTFEST last year.  A great friend to Dovercourt, Pat and Susan were recognized as one of 20 “greats” that helped Dovercourt become what it is today at our 20th anniversary celebration in 2007.

Westboro Village

This is our local business improvement area association, and they were our very first sponsor for projects such as Music in the Park, the wading pool paint project, and of course, our friendly and huggable mascot Dovercat.

As a successful social enterprise, Dovercourt relies on its success in sales of programs for its charitable works. Marketing plays a key role in that effort, and purchasing a mascot costume (Dovercat) was a big effort for us. Luckily, the WBIA was a great partner in this purchase, and Dovercat is now a regular visitor to our programs, birthday parties, and special events and is well known not only in Westboro, but across Ottawa. Of course, he also hangs out at store openings and Westboro Village events such as street sales, WESTFEST, and the fall Halloween event. I guess you could say that the Westboro Village and Dovercourt love cats too.

Allegra Print and Imaging

Our local Allegra print and Imaging at the corner of Carling and Broadview provides us with a significant discount on our printing needs, and regularly provides the printing for flyers and letters for community-wide distribution for free. They also continue to help sponsor events such as the Garage Band Alley at WESTFEST, the winter carnival and more. Original owner Art Kealey has been a very good friend and supporter for Dovercourt, and we are delighted to be carrying this relationship forward with long-time staff and new owner Jim Gillespie.


AdUp Display

Marc and Sylvie Veaudry, a busy local family and owners of this commercial sign and display operation on Carling Avenue, first helped us in donating the banners we placed on the building for our 10th anniversary. These were such a hit that we turned to them to make banners based on our brochure covers that went up on the building to promote our registrations for fall, winter, spring and summer each year. Marc and Sylvie have helped us design and then donated our portable display unit, used at job fairs, public meetings and promotional events.


As a young parent, Don Cogan, one of the owners of Whispers, greatly enjoyed the swimming lessons for his children at Dovercourt. Once again, he asked us how he could support what we do. As a result, Don and Whispers became our first uniform sponsors, and his business name is still proudly displayed on the backs of all of our aquatic staff. This was a first in many ways, as this was amongst the first sponsorships of staff uniforms in Canada, and as far as we know, we are still the only pool in Canada that bears the name of a pub on their lifeguard and instructors. Since then, Don has become a regular contributor to our special events, community building projects, and our community stage at WESTFEST. For his enthusiasm, vision, and community spirit, Don was also recognized as one of Dovercourt’s 20 “greats” at our 20th anniversary celebration in 2007.


Sean McCann, The Guy with the Dog Real Estate Group

This local real estate company joined us a sponsor of our Garage band Alley and Dog Pond at WESTFEST, and is now the sponsor of our free swims for children and youth on Friday nights. These are the last of the free public swims at public pools in Ottawa, and we are delighted to have his support in keeping them happening, and of course, he will be helping us with our annual dog swim at the end of the summer season. We love dogs too, Sean!

Cabling Ottawa

Cabling Ottawa: We were lucky enough for them to provide free cabling services to facilitate the upgrade of Dovercourt’s public Wifi, now in its 10th year of operation.

Dymon Storage

Dovercourt may be the ‘little Centre that could’ but we are bursting at the seams. That’s why we are very thankful to our friends at Dymon Storage for helping us out with storage for all the things we can’t fit inside our four walls.