After School Program 2024 – 2025

Registration begins on April 2, 2024.

The fee for the 2024-25 program after the $200 deposit is $4640.

After School Program 2023-2024

The program is currently full but we are working hard to increase capacity. Please add your child’s name to the waitlist if you are interested in a spot.

We require 21 days’ notice to cancel memberships for After School and Breakfast Club. To do so, please send an email to [email protected]


The fee for the entire school year is $4480. The initial registration payment is $200, which activates your child’s membership for the duration of the school year and the remainder will be set up on a payment plan of equal payments on the 1st of each month. These can be set up through EFT or with a credit card.


If your child attends Broadview Public School or Churchill Alternative, we provide a walking school bus, so there are no additional steps required from you. If your child attends other schools then you’ll need to ensure that transportation is available by school bus or van. We currently have children arrive on the bus from Edouard-Bond, Hilson Ave, Terre Des Jeunes, and St-Francois D’Assise. In previous years there have been bus routes available from St. George and Our Lady of Fatima but you would need to confirm with the OSTA as routes change from time to time.


Daily programming is developed by our full-time programming team, and approved by program coordinators and managers with inclusivity, age/stage development, and innovation in mind. Junior and Senior Kindergarteners have their own room, staff team, and activities geared specifically for that age group. Children in grades 5-6 also have their own space and staff team with special activities and events catered toward their interests and skills. Activities for all of our participants include a balance of indoor/outdoor, active/quiet, and specialized programming each day. After school participants make the most of what our rec centre has to offer with the rock climbing wall, indoor swimming pool (indoor free swim time exclusive to the program starts in November), and one of the best playgrounds in town. Tuesdays and Thursdays offer specialized ‘clubs’ with a selection of skill-building activities for 7-8 weeks at a time, and each month offers a number of special days and events. Examples include Taco Tuesday, Sleepovers, Water days, Glow in the Dark parties, and so much more.

Optional Add-Ons

After School members can register for additional programs like PD Day camp programs, Date Nights, and After School Group Swim Lessons at a discounted rate. Summer, March Break, and Holiday camps are not discounted for participants. Many of our after-hours special events like sleepovers and movie nights will require a registration but no additional cost.


Dovercourt will not be providing snacks to all children in the after-school program as we have a wide range of arrival times and with a group this size it proves challenging logistically. We do encourage you to pack extra snacks if your child is in the program and upon arrival they will be encouraged to get their lunch bags and finish what is left from the school day, and/or any additional snacks.

We do have a café that is open for the program in the main lobby and very closely monitored during the program. Rose (also known as the “canteen lady”, but by most of the kids, simply as Rose) runs the café and if you have not met her then we encourage you to visit the café and say hello. She sells a variety of snacks, drinks, and treats (also more substantial items like muffins, hot dogs, bagels, sandwiches, etc).

If you would like to make use of the canteen, we offer a “tab system” where you can set up a card with your child’s name on it, and any specific instructions you’d like her to have (drinks only, no sugar, only on Fridays, etc). You can pre-pay a set amount on your tab at any time.

For after school participants, the café will be cash-free to avoid all the complications that come with children having money on them and bringing money to school, which we don’t want. It also prevents any issues with children taking each other’s’ money, theft, or loss. To set up a plan with Rose, please come and see her, or send one of us an email and you can prepay a card for your child, which will be used only by your child.

Communication with Parents

Our program supervisors look forward to seeing you every day at pick up (you are asked to speak with the supervisor at the desk and sign your child out on the attendance for the day). Important notes about the day will be communicated to you in person at that time, but if there are more serious concerns then we will try to reach out during the day or before you arrive. For urgent information about emergencies or program closures (extremely rare but possible), you will first receive an email and then a follow up phone call if we’re not sure whether you received the email. If there is an emergency or a program closure, we will also make sure that your child’s school is aware and can communicate with you as well to arrange pick up from school.

Monthly newsletters are sent out at the beginning of each month with important dates, program highlights, and reminders. Our team is always available by phone or email and during program hours you can call or text the program cell phone.

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club includes a healthy, fun breakfast menu and exciting activities to get up and moving in the morning. Children are provided lots of choices in the morning with opportunities for quiet play, reading and games as well as active games and sports. Some favourite activities include LEGO® building, Beyblades®, bracelets and Perler® beads. For those who have energy to burn before school, the gym is open for active games such as indoor soccer and this year’s favourite: obstacle courses.

A supervised walk to school is provided for students from Broadview Public School. For all other schools, please contact your child’s school to make busing arrangements. After a fun walk from Broadview school, our program staff will accompany the kids into their designated schoolyards and will remain until the outdoor teacher arrives to take over supervision. Breakfast club runs from 7:00-9:00am for children in JK to Grade 6.

The fee for 2023-2024 Breakfast Club for the entire school year is $3600, which can be split into ten equal payments of $360.

The fee for 2024-25 Breakfast Club is $3520 (after deposit) or $2700 for afterschool members.

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