The arts allow us to find meaning and personal expression. Arts programs at Dovercourt include pottery, visual arts, cooking and baking, music, drama and writing.

Spring Recreation programs starting in May

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Visual Arts

Whether you’re a talented enthusiast or interested in learning something new, art classes are a great way to relax while challenging yourself with new skills in a friendly social environment. Programs offer specialized instruction in a wide array of classes, including some online virtual options.

cooking & baking

Learn about food preparation, cooking/baking techniques, and the presentation of food in an artistic way. Classes like baking and pastry arts are perfect for those wanting to learn different recipes, while one-time workshops offer a fun, creative session for kids.


Work with an experienced instructor to learn various techniques in hand building and working with the wheel. Projects will be glazed and fired in the kiln.

MUSIC, Drama, writing

These programs are ideal for anyone who loves to be in the spotlight. Work with talented leaders to hone your skills on stage and develop your creative talents in small group classes.

Spring 2024 recreation programs

Including arts, music, drama, baking, sports, playgroups, STEM, dance and more.

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