The Linda Street Gallery at Dovercourt

This gallery is named in honour of Linda Street, past President of Dovercourt, who is a champion for art as part of our everyday experience at Dovercourt. It is a showcase for artworks by local artists, and their work is often for sale.

The gallery wall display area is approximately 13ft wide x 6ft high

Artists interesting in exhibiting should contact [email protected]

May 2024

Prints by Deirdre Hierlihy

Deidre Hierlihy lives in Wellington West. As an artist and teacher, she has been a continuous presence in the neighbourhood for the past 20 years. Currently she prints out of her home studio, and teaches at Ottawa School of Art. She has had solo shows in Toronto, Ottawa, Kingston, and Bancroft and has also exhibited in Ottawa, Montréal, Japan, and Northern Ireland. Deidre is a member of Ottawa Gatineau Printmakers Connective, Graphein, and the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild.

To see more of Deidre’s work, visit her during the West End Studio Tour (WEST) Sept 21-22. Printmaker Siobhan Arnot will be exhibiting with her. (15 Helena Street)


black & white prints on a gallery wall

March & April 2024 – Maya Hum

maya hum artwork

Maya Hum is an artist, illustrator and teacher based in Ottawa, Canada. Her passion for illustration and design has led her work to be featured in publications, campaigns, and exhibitions across Canada. You can also find Maya’s work adorning several public murals throughout Ottawa and the Gatineau Hills, Quebec.

Originally from the Maritimes, Maya moved to Ottawa to pursue her studies in Music and Sound Design at Carleton University. During her final year Maya found herself incorporating visual elements into her musical compositions, igniting her childhood interest in the world of visual art. This led her to study visual art at Ottawa School of Art, where she was awarded the Robert Hyndman Painting & Drawing Scholarship. Within two years, Maya secured her first Artist Residency (in Toronto, On.), which resulted in her first solo exhibition.

In 2010, Maya completed her graduate studies in Professional Illustration. The following year she was honoured to be selected to participate in the Artist Studio Program offered by the City of Ottawa. The program awarded her the space and time to develop her art practice at Stafford Studios, Ottawa.

Maya Hum’s art is profoundly inspired by stories that emphasize the preservation of well-being for ourselves, others, and the environment. She finds great joy in creating nature-based settings that strike a delicate balance between reality and imagination, inviting viewers into a whimsical and thought-provoking world.

Presently, she works as an arts educator, illustrator, and occasional mural artist! Maya takes great pleasure in sharing her knowledge and passion by teaching and planning visual and creative art courses for the City of Ottawa, the Ottawa School of Art and Dovercourt Recreational centre! Maya strives to contribute to the growth of the artistic community and inspire others through creative projects. To learn more about her visit and/or follow her on FB/IG @MayaLikesArt

Some of the artists who have exhibited in the past:

January 2020

Cara Lipsett

landscape acrylic paintings hanging on wall
landscape acrylic paintings hanging on wall

December 2024 & 2019

Tim Hunt

Tim Hunt's artwork hanging on the wall

Timothy Hunt is an artist and Sculptor living in Ottawa. Since 1993 Tim has participated in numerous art shows, craft fairs and music festivals across Canada with his company, Mobius T-shirts, and his artwork has been shown in many local venues and Art in the Park events. For three years, Tim’s installations were featured at the Lumière Festival in New Edinburgh’s, Stanley Park. Tim has been a keen promoter of local artists as a past organizer for Urban Art in Minto Park.
Tim is a graduate of the Visual Arts program from the University of Ottawa and studied drawing and printmaking at the Ontario College of Art.

Email: [email protected]
Instagram: timhuntottawa
twitter: @timhuntottawa

December 2019

Nancy Green

artwork hanging on gallery wall

Ottawa artist Nancy Green employs a diverse arsenal of skills to build sensitive, multilayered artwork rich in both texture and subject matter. Using handmade papers, clay, metal, drawing, painting and a unique array of collaged materials, Nancy creates intimate portraits of the natural world.
A graduate of the University of Ottawa”s Visual Arts program, Nancy has taught pottery, knitting and weaving and has exhibited in galleries across Canada.

To inquire about purchasing Nancy Green’s artwork, contact [email protected]

April 2019

Tyler Proulx

tyler standing in front of his art

Tyler’s multifaceted and creative career started in the glass art realm. He worked as a glass artist for 10 years. After this, he earned his bachelor’s degree in Art history at Carleton University and then went to Nipissing University to obtain his bachelor’s degree in education.
Tyler is currently a teacher at D’Arcy McGee High School and teaches Art, Math, Science and Woodshop.

Tyler has always had a passion for street art and art that tends to be outside the conventional art history box. Tyler started to use spray paint as a teenager and has come back to it in the past several years.
Adhesive art is a sub-genre of graffiti and is a combination of stickers and wheatpaste. Wheatpaste is a combination of paper and an adhesive made from flour and water. The stickers used in Tyler’s art are from all over the world. Tyler sells and trades his stickers to other artists from all over the world.

Tyler is a loving father of 2 young girls and grew up going to Dovercourt as a child.

February & March 2019

Julea Boswell

Abstract Joy: Fresh and Contemporary Mixed Media Works
Julea Boswell's paintings

Julea’s multifaceted career includes early years as a dance artist educator and studio owner. After this, she earned her MBA and was a marketer, manager and strategist with many different arts and community organizations – including Dovercourt Recreation Centre! Later, as part of the City of Ottawa’s cultural services and urban design teams, Julea participated in big plans for the City, as well as in fun grassroots projects that made creative use of public space, like street murals and a peace park.

Today, she finds herself happily back in studio life, balancing her part-time role as general manager at Propeller Dance with her independent practice and study as an abstract visual artist. She is also a modern quilt designer-maker and over the past few years her textile art has become part of private collections in Canada and Germany.

Artist Statement
I try to capture the spontaneous joy that is sparked by the amazing natural beauty that surrounds me, and to express this in my art. I use the beautiful imagery, thoughts and emotions that stay with me from these moments to kindle my imagination and create colourful abstract pieces in a fresh contemporary style. For fun, repurposed materials sometimes find their way into my creations – things like wine bottle foil and paint skins. And for variety, I draw on my skills as a modern quilt designer-maker using layers and stitches to add texture. Being a dance artist in the past, I always listen to music when creating because it helps me concentrate and it also helps me put a sense of movement and lightness into the overall look and feel of my work, especially when painting concepts of water and sky.

See Julea Boswell Portfolio.

December 2018

Tim Hunt

“Another Conversation I Do Not Wish To Have”
Recent Assemblages by Timothy Hunt
tim hunt's metal artwork

When I start to work on a piece of art, I never know what is going to happen. Newspaper clippings, old magazines, bits of discarded metal and electronics all come together to make something entirely new. Whether it is sculpture, collage or drawing and painting, I’m always mystified by the creative process. I get a big charge out of the act of introducing materials and characters that might not ordinarily meet; for instance, a mathematician cut from a magazine, and a pewter unicorn. Sometimes it makes me laugh out loud.

“Hunt…has transformed this junk into something wholly different from its constituent parts, and the results are ingenious.”  
– Peter Simpson, The Ottawa Citizen

Timothy Hunt is an artist and sculptor living in Ottawa. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Arts (English and Psychology) from Wilfrid Laurier University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Ottawa, he has participated in numerous shows across Canada with his company, Mobius T-shirts, and his artwork has been shown in numerous local venues and Art in the Park events.  For three years, Tim’s installations were featured at the Lumiere Festival in New Edinburgh’s, Stanley Park.  Tim has taught art for the City of Ottawa and as past Organizer for Urban Art in Minto Park, has been a keen promoter of local artists.

All artwork is for sale. Tim can be contacted at [email protected]
For more information about the artist, visit

December 2018

Katie Argyle

paintings hanging on the wall

Katie is a graduate of the Fine Arts Diploma Program at the Ottawa School of Art. She also holds a BA(Hons) in Interdisciplinary Studies, Medieval Art History/Medieval History from Carleton University and a Diploma in Broadcasting from Algonquin College.

She is a member of the Hill Potters’ Guild in Richmond Hill, ON. where she creates handbuilt objects. Additionally, She collaborates with Minda Davis, another guild member, who works on the potter’s wheel while Katie specializes in surface design for these functional works.

Active as a painter, and a printmaker, she holds memberships with the Richmond Hill Group of Artists and the Ottawa Printmakers’ Connective. She pursues her studio practice at Necessity Studios, just north of Richmond Hill, in Aurora, ON.

From time to time she teaches printmaking, ceramics and painting in and around her community. her favourite students? The terrified beginner!

View more of Katie’s work- Instagram: katieargyle7, Facebook: Katie Argyle, Website:

November 2018

Julia Bell

For the month of November in our Linda Street Art Gallery, we have a fellow Dovercourt employee, Julia Bell. There is a vernissage on November 10th in our upstairs lobby from 7:00-9:00PM. This is Julia’s first show and we are very excited to be a part of it.

“Julia Bell is a budding photographer. She is a resident of Westboro and attends high school in Ottawa. Julia has had an interest in photography since she was very young. Her photographs reveal her attention to detail and a distinct sense of humour. Julia is also accomplished in music and martial arts. Julia hopes to capture the world through her unique lens.”

October 2018

Claude Paradoxe

paintings on wall

Out of thousands of photographs, occasionally one wants to be a painting. These are photographic memories, acrylic images from life seen just about as it is. Unwanted details may be left out, new ones may be added – with lots of attention and time. Sometimes colours are enhanced; contrast, perspective. And the canvas disappears slowly, until light, shadows and colours emerge to please me. [email protected]

Vernissage – Dovercourt upstairs lobby, 411 Dovercourt Ave. Thursday October 11, 2018  – 7-9pm.

September 2018

Beverley Payne

acrylic paintings on the wall

Beverley Payne was born in the province of Quebec where she obtained her initial formal art training. She also studied for two years in the Studio Arts Program at H.B. Beal in London, Ontario. Informal art experiences include courses at the Southampton Art School and various workshops in Toronto and Southwestern Ontario. A past member of the Nine Fine Artists, Gallery Painting Group and the Brush and Palette Club in London, Ontario, and a current member of the Ottawa Art Association and the International Watercolor Society, she also participates in club, gallery and juried shows.


“I paint my journey, the landscape of which is an ever-changing kaleidoscope. I enjoy creating art that is full of pattern, energy, colour and contains a bit of spirit and mystery. Teaching art is an opportunity to share the joy and adventure of creative self-expression and to encourage others in their artistic journey. Art affords me the opportunity to express my thoughts and spirit through the vehicles of imagination and perception. My art is a statement and a celebration. It is my adventure into the landscapes of my mind.”

May 2018

Paul Knoll – Artwork for Spring

March 2018

Hamid Ayoub

paintings on wall

Born in Sudan and presently living in Ottawa, Hamid Ayoub is a Bachelor of Arts graduate from the College of Fine and Applied Arts, Sudan University of Sciences and Technology, with a specialization in Textile Design. For him, art is ever-present because we are surrounded by shapes and colours which are the pulse of any artistic creation. Everyday sights and situations shape the work of the artist. Hamid Ayoub depicts the emotions of the human spirit through colour and movement. Different mediums are used to render the entire spectrum of life experiences. Hamid’s work has been exhibited in many venues in Sudan, Niger, France, Holland, England, the United States and Canada.


Telephone: 613.297.5379

Email: [email protected]

November 2017

Julea Boswell

quilts hanging on wall

As part of Dovercourt’s leadership team in its early days, Julea worked on creative strategies that engaged staff, community and supporters in moving the organization forward. She is happily returning now to showcase a completely different side of her creativity!

Please join us for an exhibit of colourful art by Julea Boswell who uses textiles, threads, acrylics and inks to create in a style that is improvisational, graphic, textured and fun.

Her work as been shown most recently at Quilt Canada in Toronto (2017), HighJinx social enterprise in Ottawa (2016), and Stories in Stitches II & III in Charlottetown, PEI (2015, 2017). She is a member of the Ottawa Arts Council, Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) and the Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild.

This show will help support the Dovercourt Expansion Project.

Vernissage: All are welcome to attend the show opening and meet the artist on Sunday, November 5, 2:00-4:00 pm.

MARCH 2017

Barbara Davis

paintings on wall


“I am a self-taught artist. Born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. I have always been up to something creative ever since I can remember. I have been painting for about 20 years. I love experimenting with colour, texture and different forms of media. I enjoy listening to the feedback that I receive from people on how they interpret my work and how it makes them feel. I have been a part of Chinatown Remixed, the Lumiere festival and have shown my work in different venues in Ottawa. More recently, GigPace Gallery and the Dovercourt Community Centre. I also enjoy giving back and supporting my community. I have donated to various fundraisers and charitable organizations within Ottawa.”

Contact: [email protected]

Instagram:   Facebook:


Sigrid Johnson

painting on wall

Sigrid is a former diplomat who started painting last year. She has no training so the results are always a bit of a surprise. So far she is enjoying doing slightly quirky landscapes (she visited Labrador & Greenland this year), as well as character portraits. Prices reflect the cost of materials plus minimum wage for the hours invested. Buy now before minimum wage goes up! She will consider commissions. [email protected]

MARCH 2016

Gordon Coulthart

paintings on wall

March features the work of Gordon Coulthart, an artist whose paintings range from cartoon characters to evocative landscapes. Gordon is originally from Morewood, Ontario. Prices are posted on the wall, or visit for details and contact info for Gord.

Gordon started as a commercial illustrator and went on to work in cartoon animation.  He specialized as a background painter, in watercolours and acrylics. He also co-created the syndicated cartoon,’ Farcus’.  He went on to co-own and was the creative drive behind Fun Bag Animation Studios. Gordon designed and created Family Channel’s Gemini award-winning series, ‘King’. Gordon’s paintings have been featured in a number of one-man shows in Ottawa. His personal passion has always been painting and cartoons.