Board of Directors

Board Members:

Lynn Sarkozy, Vice President    |    Emily Glossop, Vice President   |   Greg Boddy, Treasurer  |   Jenny Ellison, Secretary   |   Jude Pattenden  |   Jonathan Rothschild   |   Joanne Thomson   |   Meg Ogden   |    Derek Jackson   |   Alison Bourgon   |   Luis Gabriel Zuniga    |    Anick Losier, Ex-officio

Dovercourt Recreation Association is governed by an elected Board of 12 community volunteers who provide policy and philosophical direction to the professional staff and program volunteers who deliver our programs and services. 

The Board of Directors is responsible for the affairs and activities of the Dovercourt Recreation Association in all matters. It provides strategic direction to the Executive Director, formulates Board policies for the governance of the DRA and provides oversight of the Association’s processes and outcomes.

The Board meets monthly as a whole, and also has five standing sub-committees: Board Executive, Community Development, Governance, Nominations, and Finance and Accountability. The board also establishes ad hoc committees for specific purposes. Currently,  the Board has established a Building Committee, dealing with the building expansion and the associated fundraising project.

Our annual general meeting is held in May of each year, usually the third Thursday of the month at 8pm here at Dovercourt. In 2021, the AGM was held in September.

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What our Board Members say about being on the Dovercourt Board:

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The principal functions of the Board of Directors include:

a) Fiduciary Oversight: Confirming that the affairs of the DRA are conducted in accordance with the law, government standards, the Association’s By- Laws and the framework of policies and guidelines established by the Board of Directors;

b) Direction Setting: Establishing the mission, vision, values, ethics, strategic direction and corporate objectives of the DRA;

c) Financial Oversight: Reviewing and approving financial plans, securing adequate financial resources for operational and capital requirements, ensuring the effective and efficient use of funding and ensuring the integrity of financial reporting for the DRA;

d) Resource Stewardship: Confirming the effective and efficient utilization of the DRA’s human capital (including Directors, staff and volunteers) and its infrastructure (including plant and equipment, and information technology assets);

e) Risk Management: Ensuring that relevant strategic risks and opportunities are systematically identified and acted upon to the benefit of the DRA;

f) Stakeholder Relations: Promoting and maintaining effective relationships with external stakeholders; and

g) Performance Evaluation: Providing oversight of the performance of the DRA, including: its operations, the Board, its Directors, and the Executive Director.

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