Private Swim Lessons

private swim lessons- child learning to swim

We offer private lessons for every age and stage in our warm water pool. You’ll love our warm water & warmer instructors! See our flyers below, and scroll down to read about our swim lessons.

Lessons come in a package of three, four, five or six private lessons, personalized for you, which will help take your skills to the next level.

girl swimming in pool for swim lessons

Personalized attention and skill development

Not all swimmers progress through swim levels at the same pace; sometimes we can get hung up on a particular skill that prevents us from moving on. Coordination, confidence, breathing, timing, and strength are all aspects of successful skill acquisition and solid strokes. Dovercourt’s experienced instructors can assess the issue and tailor lesson content to individual needs. With focused attention and practice, achievement is ensured.  

“Private swimming lessons are fantastic, and really help prepare my kids for cottage swimming and boating. Great instructors!  We drive from Kanata because we are so happy with the lessons.”

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