Summer Online Classes

online classes

We hope to see you online!

It’s been wonderful to see familiar faces from the Dovercourt community on Zoom. Our instructors have done a great job teaching in this new format and are finding it a good way to connect.

It’s not too late to join our classes in August!

They’ll be mostly offered on Zoom (read more about getting set up on Zoom below) and taught by Dovercourt instructors.

We’ve included:

  • Baking with Julianna Banana (all ages including adults are welcome; if the kids are under 10, they should have a parent helping them)
  • Taekwondo with Master Tony
  • fitness classes with options for Gold Club.
  • In-person classes!
    • We’re adding an indoor class for August, our popular Zumba class with Karla, on Wednesday nights at 7pm in the OPTSC room/ Assembly Hall. (Entry & Exit will be through the double doors of the OPTSC room). Register below. Class begins Aug 5 and is limited to 15 people. 
    • We got two early morning Cardio Mix – Outside! classes, taught by our early morning queen, Lorayne. The classes are Wednesdays & Fridays, 6:30-7:15am in the field at Dovercourt. Participants will be spaced apart, and will not have access to the building (so no washrooms, or change rooms). 

Each class has a separate registration. For the summer session, we are charging a fee for the classes to offset instructor costs; any proceeds will support our financial assistance program.

For online classes, once you register, you will be emailed the Zoom link 24 hours before the class begins, and a reminder 30 minutes before your class (your receipt will not include the zoom link).

If you can’t make a specific class time, we will email a recording of that day’s class to registrants later in the day. 

August 2020 classes

Summer Online Class Flyer 

cardio boxing class

Zoom class gallery

See a photo gallery of some of the classes >

< Marina teaching Tone & Deep Stretch

A. There are many reasons why we have a limited menu of classes at this time, including resources, and instructor availability, which means we may not be offering the classes you typically enjoyed at Dovercourt.

John Rapp, our Executive Director, shares his thoughts below:

For July and August, it is clear that Dovercourt will still be far from the busy, happy and very public community hub that it was. We have chosen to keep our scope of activities focused on two major objectives:

  • drowning prevention (private and semi-private swim lessons)
  • some relief for parents through what we are calling “instead of camp” half-day camps.

All of these are going to be carefully managed to conform to public health recommendations to limit contact between the groups, limit the size of groups, and limit the interaction of staff both with the groups and with each other.

This does mean that we are not opening Dovercourt to the public, just to those registered in one of our two focused programs, private swim lessons or camps. 

We are not currently offering anything specifically for seniors or those with health management conditions. This is not for any lack of love for those participants, and we share concerns about changes in health due to lack of regular participation in programs. However, the current protocols from the Lifesaving Society and others indicate “The following individuals should not participate in organized activities: a. People 65 years and older. b. People who live in a nursing home or long-term care facility. c. People of all ages with underlying medical conditions, particularly these conditions are not well controlled ”.  We know that many of our rehabilitation fitness clients have conditions that have compromised their immune systems and general health. We will not put them at risk. As for our healthy seniors looking for lane swims, the recommendations call for spacing 5m squared in changing facilities and a limit of only a few per lane. Our pool could accommodate only four swimmers, assuming they can always stay perfectly spaced, and a couple on either side of the one lane.  

That being said, we are philosophically committed to inclusion, and have been blessed with a facility that is well suited to serve all ages and abilities. A vaccine will change the game, but at this point, we are balancing the needs of our clients and the fears and risks that COVID brings.

Please note that our resources are limited as most of our full and part-time staff are currently on emergency leave, and we have had close to zero revenue since the beginning of the crisis. While we appreciate the City and Federal funding we are currently receiving, it is not even close to the client revenue that provides the wind beneath our wings that fuels the diversity of programs and services we normally provide. We are not enjoying the current reality and miss our clients and friends immensely. So the hard decision was to choose to lock down our intentions for July and focus on getting our summer-adapted program right. We are watching the news and will pivot to serve as the conditions and situation allow. As early as August, we will consider adding program opportunities if we can.  

~ John Rapp, Executive Director

We asked our instructor team for their availability for teaching in our online class schedule. Many were not available. As well, not all class formats lend themselves to being taught online. Zoom, and other video applications like it, have certain technical limitations, especially around good quality audio and the use of music. 

Outdoor classes are not an option during the day this summer. We must respect the ‘bubble’ sizes in the guidelines given to us, and the need to avoid cross-contact wherever possible.

Browse & register for Summer classes below

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Some scenes from our June online classes

Using Zoom for classes

* Make sure you have upgraded to the new version of Zoom (5.0), or you may not be able to join the meetings/ class.

  • You can use Zoom from your PC or laptop via a web browser.
    >> On a mobile device, you WILL need to download the free Zoom app.
  • 24 hours before the fitness class you’ve registered for, we will email the Zoom Meeting ID and password
  • When it’s time for your class, you can click on the class link; then type in the provided password. You’ll be greeted by the host of the class. You don’t have to have your camera turned on
  • Once the class is underway, you’ll be muted by the host or instructor so that your audio doesn’t distract from the class. If you have a question or issue, use the chat.
  • Zoom works on both PCs and Apple devices. It is available on a browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari), or as a downloadable app (
  • Zoom just issued a big update (May 30/ 20, 5.0); make sure your version is up to date or you may not be able to join the meeting. 
  • You can use your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The camera, screen, speakers & microphone allow you to see and hear the instructor live.
  • You can change the name of your device when you log in. It’s better if it says your first name, rather than e.g. “iPad” or “” 🙂 
  • To hear the instructor you can use the speakers of your device, or a separate accessory like a bluetooth speaker or headphones/ earbuds (there are controls in Zoom to select your audio source)
  • Place your device in a spot where you can easily see the screen, whether you are standing, or on the floor (there may be pushups!)
  • A strong internet connection is necessary for a good video calling experience. You might ask family members at home to stay off the internet while you’re doing your class, or connect your laptop with an ethernet cable for a more stable connection.
  • Turn your camera on so the instructor and others can see you. If you are self-conscious and don’t want the camera on, you can turn it off; however, no one can really see details in the thumbnails of the gallery view, it’s nice for others to see that you are there, and it allows the instructor to give you feedback and know that everyone who is in the class should be in the class (and not a zoom-bomber)
  • There are controls for audio. Once the class is underway, the instructor may mute everyone so that background sounds in everyone’s homes aren’t a distraction. You can use the Chat window if you have a question or comment.
  • The host or instructor will unmute everyone at the end for a bit of socializing or feedback. If you have to leave early, that’s ok. Let us know if you have any other questions. You’ll soon become familiar with the online platform (if you’re not already), and enjoy it as a way to connect.

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