Dovercourt Playgroups are lots of fun for parents, caregivers and little munchkins alike! 

All our staff are trained and committed to developing and delivering high-quality child-centred programs.

New for 2023

motor skills playgroup

with Physiotherapists from On The Ball Physiotherapy
preschool program- preschool sports activity- walking on a beam


Playgroups are a perfect morning activity for parents, caregivers, and their little ones to meet others in the community and enjoy organized activities and stations.

preschool girl cooking class in playgroup

Weekday Play

Weekday Play programs are a great opportunity for preschoolers (aged 2-4yrs) to explore different activities and interests like music and movement, science and technology, multi-sport, and even cooking!

new motor skills playgroup

We’re offering a new  program, “On The Ball Pediatric Physio & Occupational Therapy Playgroup”, designed and delivered by physiotherapists from On The Ball, focusing on gross motor development.

Did you know that physiotherapy for babies is an amazing way to support your child to reach major milestones? Rolling, reaching, grasping, scooting, and crawling- they all tell a physiotherapist a story about your child’s needs- and we want to share it with you! Come join BABIES ON THE BALL- a play group led by On the Ball physiotherapists Jordan Trembly and Kristi Striegler! We’ll learn and practice strategies to promote gross motor development through play, and have SO MUCH FUN along the way!

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The program runs Tuesday and Fridays for different age groups (3 – 7 months; 6 – 14 months) starting in April. See more details and register below.

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