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We offer group lessons for every age and stage in our warm water pool. You’ll love our warm water & warmer instructors! See our flyers below, and scroll down to read about our swim lessons.

Why take swimming lessons at Dovercourt?

Dovercourt’s highly-skilled instructors teach children proper technique efficiently and effectively, in accordance with the high standards of the Lifesaving Society. Our end-of-session Survival Day is unique to Dovercourt and is a fun yet powerful way to teach children skills that could save their lives in real-life scenarios. Our staff undergoes extensive training and regular updates on safety, rescue situations, changes to current standards, as well as techniques for teaching. Many of our senior aquatics staff are instructor and lifeguard trainers and are a valuable resource for our aquatics team. Our leisure pool is designed to teach swimming, with unique features like warmer water, a beach entry, rope swing and shallow & deep-water pods. We are proud of the quality of our swim lesson program at Dovercourt!

The Swim For Life® Program

Basic swimming ability is a requirement of any meaningful attempt to eliminate drowning in Canada. Swim for Life® is a comprehensive swim instruction program that focuses on the acquisition and development of fundamental swim strokes and skills for learners of all ages and abilities. Learning Swim to Survive® skills and achieving the Lifesaving Society’s Swim to Survive® Standard are key foundations of the Swim for Life® Program.

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Types of Swim Lessons

A rewarding experience for adults with infants or toddlers, these levels introduce the joys of water activity while stressing parental responsibility in, on and around the water. Parent participation required, but just one “water-loving” parent is permitted in the pool due to our limited pool space. Class length: 30 minutes.

All Preschool classes are unparented and for 3-5 year old children. We offer Preschool A through E.

Swimmer 1 through 6 will take your child from little to no swim experience to an accomplished swimmer with efficient strokes and safety skills.

Rookie, Ranger, Star Patrol (Swimmers 7/ 8/ 9)

These programs are sometimes called ‘Junior Lifeguard’, and are the starting point for swimmers with an interest in lifesaving and instruction.

Group swim lessons designed especially for children who are homeschooled, but everyone is welcome. Our instructors will group the participants by experience/ ability and instruct the Lifesaving Swim for Life Program. Parent and Tot 1-3, Preschool A-E, Swimmer 1-6. Prerequisite: 4 months and up. Lessons are 45 minutes followed by 15 minutes of supervised free time.

Group Swim Lessons designed especially for Dovercourt’s After School Program Participants but everyone is welcome. Our instructors will group participants by experience/ ability and instruct the Lifesaving Swim Program. Preschool A-E Prerequisite: 3-6 years; Swimmer 1-6 Prerequisite: 5 years & up

Head to our Adult Swim Lesson Page for more info

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