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Dovercourt’s Wellness Programs are the perfect class to treat your body to some TLC, improve mindfulness or stretch it out.  

Programs include Tai Chi, Myofascial Release, Feldenkrais (Awareness Through Movement), and Total Body Stretch, as well as special-focus workshops.


Mindfulness Workshop with Jennifer Innes

New date: Sun May 3, 6:30-9:30pm, $92.50 + tax
Curious about mindfulness? Interested in learning how to meditate? Discover why so many people are incorporating this simple yet effective way to help quiet the mind, increase attention and awareness, and build resilience. Ottawa Meditation & Wellness Inc. @ Dovercourt Recreation Centre is offering a three-hour introductory workshop on these powerful mental health practices that allow us to see what’s going on in our lives more clearly and discover new ways of relating to stress.

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