Specialty Fitness

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Summer session registration begins Wed Jun 2, 8am. Because of new provincial guidelines for reopening, In-person classes will not resume until the week of July 25.

We’ve got a great menu of specialty classes including Pilates, strength, and dance exercise classes like Zumba. 

  • To ensure proper distancing, each class has a limited number of spaces available. 
  • Participants must arrive and leave from their room’s doors, and in fitness attire
  • A washroom is available for each program room
  • Participants will answer screening questions upon arrival 
  • Please wear a mask before & after the class. You do not need to wear it while exercising, unless you choose to.
  • Participants will be assigned a designated spot in the class, with adequate space in between.

Pilates & yoga

Strengthen, lengthen & breathe

Pilates enthusiasts unite! Whether you’re an experienced aficionado or have just recently learned the fundamental techniques, this Pilates practice will provide a core-focused workout. Instructors may use equipment to provide variations of traditional exercises and will provide options to increase or decrease the challenge of each exercise. 

Yogi’s unite! Lose yourself in the blissful practice of yoga. Build strength, flexibility, and core strength as you flow through various postures and attain physical and mental relaxation.

Strength Classes

Get strong!

Strength training with weights, along with a variety of activities is proven to improve bone density and metabolism, as well as elevate body, mind, and overall well-being.

Enjoy Women on Weights, Men on Weights classes, or TRX, which uses suspension straps and body weight for a unique and effective workout. 

Dance Exercise

Move & Groove

Dancing makes you happier, fitter, stronger and more coordinated! We have a variety of classes to help you get your dance fix. Try Barre (without the barre), Zumba (cardio moves to upbeat latin music) or (hula) hooping, using adult-sized hoop for a fun update to your favourite childhood activity. 

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