Pilates & Yoga

women sitting in yoga posture on the floor

Strengthen, lengthen & breathe

Pilates enthusiasts unite! Whether you’re an experienced aficionado or have just recently learned the fundamental techniques, this Pilates practice will provide a core-focused workout. Instructors may use equipment to provide variations of traditional exercises and will provide options to increase or decrease the challenge of each exercise. 

Classes include Fundamentals, Classical Repertoire (Beginners and Advanced), as well as Pilates/ Yoga Fusion for the best of both worlds.

Yogi’s unite! Lose yourself in the blissful practice of yoga. Build strength, flexibility, and core strength as you flow through various postures and attain physical and mental relaxation.

We offer Yin Yoga, Men’s Only, Gentle, Power Flow, Hatha, and Family Yoga. 

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