Group Fitness

Group Fitness

Group fitness fun!

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Dovercourt's Group Fitness schedule offers great flexibility, with a variety of classes offered throughout the week at different times. Classes include Step, CardioMix, Burn & Tone, HIIT, StrengthMix, Barbell Challenge, Cardio Kickbox, 20/ 20/ 20, Fitness Showcase Instructor class, Zumba and Ginette's Variety class (see Ginette's latest schedule on the Program flyer page).

The Best of Dovercourt's registered fitness programs are being offered during the day at a reduced price for our pass holders!


For the first time, the best of Dovercourt's special registered evening Health and Fitness Programs are offered during the day at a special price for our Pass holders. 



  • Small class sizes
  • Innovative programs
  • The latest trends
  • Premium Equipment
  • More time with the trainer


Classes include


Functional fitness trains your bodily systems to work together to improve one’s ability to perform daily tasks and remain active for life. This specialized fitness program is designed to improve strength and mobility in adults as they go through the aging process and addresses the fitness components affected by age such as strength, flexibility, balance and posture. Improvements in functional fitness help active agers maintain independence by improving the body’s physical capabilities. This program is held in our functional fitness room and participants will have the opportunity to train with premium equipment in a small group format. The instructor will provide modifications to accommodate individual levels of fitness and mobility.

• Thu 11:00-11:55am,

Jan 17 – Feb 21, HWUW1 - $60 & Feb 28 – Apr 11, HWUW2 - $60

PILATES/YOGA MIX                 

Enjoy the benefits of both Yoga & Pilates, together in one class! Improve strength, flexibility and balance in the Yoga segment, followed by a series of Pilates exercises that target and tighten the core. No experience is needed but a moderate level of fitness is recommended for this program. This program may not be suitable for participants with limited-mobility or bone density concerns.  

• Mon 10:45-11:40am,

Jan 14 – Feb 18, HWUW3 - $60 & Feb 25 – Apr 8, HWUW4 - $60


Complete Bliss! 45 minutes of muscle and limb stretch that will improve flexibility from head to toe. Stretching is essential for healthy posture and functional movement. It helps blood flow and also can alleviate stress. This class is suitable for all levels, the only requirement is that you can lie down on your mat!

• Wed 11:15am-12:00pm,

Jan 16 – Feb 20, HWUW5 - $60 & Feb 27 – Apr 10, HWUW6 - $60


It’s as easy as riding a bike! Enhance cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength and endurance in this low impact exercise program. No experience, no problem!  Our instructors will show you how to properly set up the bike to give you a most comfortable ride. Each spin workout is followed by a 15 minute stretch to take tension of those sore muscles.

• Thu 9:30-10:25am,

Jan 17 – Feb 21, HWUW7 - $60& Feb 28 – Apr 11, HWUW8 - $60

• Thu 10:30-11:25am, Feb 28 – Apr 11, HWUW9 - $60

• Tues 10:45-11:40am, Feb 26 – Apr 9, HWUW0 - $60


*Registration in these programs must be done in person or over the phone with our customer service team and requires an ongoing GroupFitness or Gold Club monthly membership, or a 3-month pass that is active throughout the registered program dates. Due to the special pricing, these courses are not eligible for refunds, credits, or prorated course fees. 

Winter 2019 Group Fitness schedule



Group Fitness Pass

Our flexible Group Fitness pass gives you unlimited visits to group fitness classes, our fitness centre and warm water pool. Group fitness pass holders also receive 20% off the registration costs for our stream of Specialty Registered Health and Wellness Programs. 

Contact Customer Service to set up your Group fitness pass.

613-798-8950 ext. 0. or in person at our downstairs desk.

Suspensions/ Cancellations

If you need to suspend or extend your Group Fitness or Gold Club pass, please fill out the Pass suspension form or contact

If you need to cancel your Group fitness or Gold club pass, please fill out the Pass cancellation form or contact

In order to ensure enough time to process your request and stop your next payment, we require thirty days advance notice if you are planning to suspend or cancel your pass.  Please note the minimum period for a pass suspension is 30 days.

Gold Club

For group exercise for mature adults, see our Gold Club page.