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Group Lessons

Learning with others will enhance your experience in music and art education. Co-learners push each other to excel, while making classes more fun and engaging. BSOMA Group Classes will help you to achieve individual success in an engaging group setting. Group lessons are for adults, youth, and kids. Our series of Family Classes encourage parent and child to learn (and practice!) together.



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From here, simply enter part of the program name (eg guitar) you're looking for, and all your BSOMA Guitar classes will be displayed. Or, select Bluesfest School of Music and Art from the Main Categories drop down, to browse all programs.

Summer Programs

This class is designed to complement private music instruction for beginner students learning all instruments. All aspects of music such as theory, rhythm, pitch, forms and structure, dynamics, easy progressions, solfege, ear-training, introduction to different instrument groups, etc will be explored through movement. They will be given a hand-out at the end of every lesson so their instrument teacher knows what we worked on. Students will see improvements in their understanding of their private music lessons and find more enjoyment in practice.
• Mon 6:30-7:45pm, Jul 9 – Aug 20, BSO233 – $82

The ukulele’s popularity continues to grow because it is relatively easy to learn, good for small hands and has a sweet, happy sound. Together the groups will learn chords, how to read chords, strum patterns, and then put it all together and play classic campfire songs. This course is suitable for families to learn together! Each child should be accompanied by an adult. Please register each family member attending. One ukulele per family is provided for use in class.
• Thu 6:00-6:55pm, Jul 5 – 26, BSO231 – $27
• Thu 6:00-6:55pm, Aug 9 – 30, BSO232 – $27

For the students who want to test drive an instrument before committing to private music lessons. Students will try the guitar in a group setting. Basics will be taught along with some rudimentary theory; everything they need to know before they take it to the next level. This is a beginner level course. Instruments will be provided during class time. No class Aug. 6.
• Mon 5:30-6:25pm, Jul 16 – Aug 27, BSO230 – $82

This step by step course will provide a fundamental approach to watercolour, for beginners with an emphasis on washes, transparency, colour mixing, brushwork and composition. Each class will include a demonstration and provide ample time to complete a small painting. Art materials will be supplied. No previous experience is required.
• Wed 6:00-8:00pm, Jul 11 – 25, BSO226 – $92

Don't know how to hold a paint brush? No problem! This course will cover everything: brushes, tools, colour mixing, composition and observation. You will then apply your new skills to paint your favourite landscapes on all of your summer adventures.
• Wed 6:00-8:00pm, Aug 1 – 22, BSO229 – $124

RBC Bluesfest’s house photographers, Marc DesRosiers and Mark Horton presents this three-part (4 day) workshop, which begins with classroom sessions that cover a multitude of relevant topics, including equipment and settings, composition, lighting, different shooting environments, workflow, editing, in preparation for onsite shooting at RBC Bluesfest in Ottawa. Workshop participants will shoot acts during the first weekend of the festival (day to be determined). Using shots taken throughout that day, participants will wrap the workshop with a review and critique session with their peers and the facilitators. Participants’ best shots from the festival will be printed and exhibited onsite at RBC Ottawa Bluesfest during the second weekend of the festival. Please note: Live music photography poses extreme technical challenges for photographers; this workshop is intended for experienced photographers who have a firm grasp of the operation of their equipment, and a sound understanding of the fundamentals of manual exposure. Participants should arrive with a sound understanding of Aperture/Shutter Speed/ISO and familiarity with adjusting those settings ‘on the fly’ when photographing the performers.
• 6:00-9:00pm, Jul 3, 4, 7 or 8 and Jul 9, BSO227 – $275

Join TJ Wheeler in preparing a short set to be performed RBC Bluesfest in July! The week will be led by Blues/ Jazz & overall Roots musician extraordinaire TJ Wheeler. All stringed instrument are encouraged. Students need to be at a novice to intermediate level to participate. In this context, that's defined as having an existing playing ability, in a variety of tempos & rhythms, in most keys, knowledge of major, minor, 7th, chords, barre chords, the major scale, basic blues scales and a willingness to dig in and learn new songs, approaches to improvisation, theory, and honing basic performing chops. Everyone is encouraged to sing and if someone is mostly a vocalist (opposed to a string player) they can also participate.
• Mon-Fri, 5:30-7:30pm, Jul 9-13, BSO228 – FREE