Drop in Sports

playing pickleball

Drop-in fun!

When the weather gets you down, you can enjoy the comforts of the Morris Home Team room for a new series of indoor drop-in sports.

Pickleball will begin on Mon. Nov. 16, 2020. It’s the fastest growing indoor racquet sport in North America, which combines elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis. Bring your own equipment (racquet, ball, shoes, water, etc), sign up below for $3 + tax per session, and enjoy singles or doubles play. 

We recommend that you bring your own pickleball racquet & balls. They range in price, but entry-level racquets can be found at Canadian Tire or Walmart at very reasonable prices. 

playing pickleball


The fastest growing raquet sport in North America is available at Dovercourt!

Carpet Bowling

Coming soon! All the fun of lawn bowling, but in the comfort of the great indoors.

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