Winter Holiday Camps

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Welcome to an exciting holiday season at Dovercourt

Campers! A variety of camp activities are coming your way —with friendly, caring camp staff and current COVID-19 protocols in place!

Kinder (4-5yrs) camps are designed with the needs of Junior and Senior Kindergarteners in mind and maintain the familiar daily routine of school with structured times for snack, lunch, rest, and outdoor play. Theme camp (grades 1-4) and Youth Zone (grades 5-6) programs include age-appropriate activities, with active games, indoors and outdoors, and arts and crafts every day.

For more focused activities, check out Multi-Sport or Art Mix programs, which also include a balance of outdoor play. Each group will have two staff and no more than 12 children; each group of 14 will not cross paths with any other groups

All programs run for 4 days at $260/week.

Registration for partial weeks will not be available.

Experience Dovercourt’s fun & exciting Day Camps in the Winter!

Important program info

Registration Details:

Before registration, please note:

  • Registration will be available online only. Please ensure you have a complete and accurate family account.
  • At this time all discounts are suspended. This includes Military Families, neighbours, sponsors, and staff and volunteers. Discount opportunities may resume when the building is open again with a staffed Customer Service desk. Financial Assistance programs are still available as usual.

Drop off and Pick up locations:

  • Exact drop off/pick up locations and line ups will be well-marked when arriving on site. Some programs take place at our satellite locations, so please note the program location at the time of registration. The group will have exclusive access to the building for these locations, and all facilities remain closed to the public.
  • Managers will be present to supervise drop off and pick up and to help direct parents and campers
  • Each group will have its own entrance and exit directly to their room and a designated washroom.
  • Parents will not be permitted to enter the facility and will sign-in their child at the door directly to their Group Leader.

Health & Safety:

  • Campers and staff will be screened prior to arriving on-site each day. The completion of an online questionnaire is required at the time of registration, and another one will be requested prior to sign-in each day.
  • Campers who have indicated that they or a member of their household has travelled outside the country in the past 14 days will not be permitted into the program.
  • Campers or staff who are exhibiting symptoms of illness may not be permitted into the facility. Those who exhibit signs or symptoms of illness during the program will be isolated from the group and sent home immediately. Others in the group will be notified immediately.
  • Masks are mandatory for campers in grades 4-6 and are highly recommended for Kindergarten to grade 3. Mask policies will be kept updated with current local health guidelines from OPH. Physical distancing and sanitization measures will be in place throughout the day. Staff will be wearing PPEs throughout the day and additional PPE for first aid situations.

Program Details:

  • Winter Camps will run from 8:30am–4:30pm. Drop off is from 8:30am-8:45am. Pick up is 4:15-4:30pm.
  • Items from home will be limited to:
    • 1 water bottle, filled to the top at the time of drop off
    • A lunch with 2-3 healthy snack (nut-free) in an easy-open container
    • Indoor shoes and weather-appropriate clothing (coat, hat, gloves, snow pants, winter boots, etc.)
    • All items must be labelled with the child’s full name. NO other items will be permitted in the group’s activity space, unless deemed appropriate and/or necessary by Management.
  • Each group will have one designated Group Leader and one designated Activity Leader. Each team of 2 will work together to ensure a safe, high-quality program for each child.

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