Pottery is a three-dimensional art form that transforms clay from malleable raw material to solid functional and durable sculptural or practical final product with the application of heat (firing) and various coloring agents (slips, stains, glazes). Courses include Wheel & handbuilding, Handbuilding, and General Pottery classes.

Pottery is a fun, messy and social activity. Handling the medium to create your vision is not only challenging, but often therapeutic, relaxing and rewarding when it’s time to bring your creation home. Plus, you’re playing with mud, and who doesn’t love that?

The Pottery Studio at Dovercourt features classes for school-age children, adults and families. From hand-building to wheel-throwing classes and workshops our friendly instructors create a gentle learning environment that just seems to melt stress away and let your creativity out. Students are provided with clay for class as well as glazes and an in-house kiln.

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