At Dovercourt, dancers learn the love of dance in a fun environment!

Dancers will develop self-esteem, coordination, balance and poise under the guidance of our professional and fun instructors. The balance, coordination and flexibility taught will be a great benefit to any child wanting to learn dance.

Dovercourt is great as always, thanks. I can teach them a lot of things, but not how to dance. I’m amazed at their progress!

Non-Recital Dance

A dance class without a recital performance gives the participant the opportunity to try a class for a shorter period with less commitment. In-class performance at the end of the session.

Recital Dance

A dance class with a recital performance at the end of the session. The session runs from September to June. Costumes will be designed for each dance. Coming soon!


Students should wear clothing that they are able to freely move in. Some dance shoes may be required; please check with the instructor.

dance recital photo

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