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Your portal to creativity

Music, art and dance lessons are your portal to creative outputs for the world (but mostly you) to enjoy. Arts & Culture programs at Dovercourt are available for children, adults and families.

Every one of us has the ability to contribute to the arts and culture that surround us. We all have the ability to create works of art that will inspire others, make them smile, tap their toe, make them go “hmmm”. Sometimes we need encouragement, sometimes we need to be taught a new skill to convey our emotions that just can’t be explained. Sometimes we just need a hand with the technical aspects of our craft. 

“Our instructor was phenomenal. He made the class fun and really motivated them to do their best. He challenged them so that they could meet their potential. A great experience!”

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The Arts

Visual Arts classes

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Dovercourt Dance School

Dance in a fun & pressure-free environment

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Knead some inspiration? We have pottery for all ages

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Adult dance

Get your groove on!

Visual Arts

Our visual arts classes are your weekly creative outlet. Stimulate your brain and release the creativity inside while developing the skill set to present your ideas, in just the way you want for others to take in. Whether with a brush, a pencil a crayon or with paper maché, everyone can be taught to create a visual representation their thoughts, emotions and psyche. Side effect: even your doodling will improve!

Classes include adult art classes, watercolour, exploring visual arts, family art, afterschool art club, cartooning and more.

Fall Art Classes

This fall we’re offering online and in-person art classes. Online classes have been very popular since they began in our first summer sessions of online classes. Follow along on Zoom to learn techniques and create sketches, guided by Beverley or Maya. Recordings are sent out after each class in case you missed it or want to repeat the lesson.

October 2022 classes:

Exploring Drawing and Watercolour with Maya (online)

Wednesdays – Oct 5 – 26, 1:30-3:30pm
Express your creativity in this introductory visual art class. Each week we explore a new technique by completing a finished artwork! Drawing, watercolour, and Chinese brush painting is covered in this course. Each time this course runs, the projects are different.

Beverley — Landscape Painting: Impressionists’ Style (online)

Wednesdays Oct 5 – 26, 9-10:30am

Impressionism describes a style of painting. In this class you will explore a few basic characteristics of the impressionistic style, including, the use of broken colour, visible brush strokes and the use of light to create an overall impression of the landscape. Each class will feature a new image in a step by step demonstrations of a specific technique.

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