COVID-19 Activities

We’ve been closed since mid-March, and our centre has been quiet. Here are some activities to keep you busy until we are able to reopen. 

home Workouts

We miss your smiling, sweaty faces!

If you’re missing your regular Dovercourt group fitness class, here are some workouts you can do at home, courtesy of Ginette. Gigi has taught at Dovercourt for many years, and always brings warmth, energy and a big smile to all her classes. 

Working out on your own?

Dylan, our Health & Wellness Coordinator, wanted to share some motivational fitness playlists to help you keep moving, whether it’s for exercise or a family dance jam. There are lots of sources of music online, including Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube & others, which offer playlists to suit every taste.

Here are a few to check out:

Pop: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/282qSXRozIyie7XchArY2o

80’s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0q9sh5BHIk
70’s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wqu5cYWEPUc
50’s & 60’s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kh8f-RUgDmw

Yoga with Dovercat

Try some yoga poses at home, with the help of Dovercat. 

Arts & Crafts

Here’s a collection of crafts you can do at home with your kids. 


Colouring sheets

Colouring is an age-old, wildly popular activity for all ages. Print out some Dovercat colouring pages, and go wild. 

DIY Paint night

Why not try your own DIY Family Paint Night? Here’s an option from down under that is fun but there are lots of choices, so just search “Paint Night” on Youtube.


Join Head Instructor Barb Diaz for this dance warmup for young dancers.

Get Social

Join us for upcoming Social Lounge times on Zoom

Meet up virtually with your Dovercourt friends over coffee or tea. You can use Zoom on your phone, tablet, browser or via the app. Stay tuned for details. 

Other Activities & Resources

Video Chatting

During this time of physical distancing, it’s so important to stay in touch with our friends and family. While you can reach out with phone calls, emails, and texts, many are enjoying virtual classes, lessons, meetings, and even cocktail hours using video platforms like FaceTime, Messenger, What’s App, Zoom etc. For guidance on which may be best for your needs, check out these options, and get your friends and family set up.


Virtual Museum visits

Take a tour of one of the great art galleries or museums of the world (including some great options for children). Dovercat loves the Uffizi Gallery in Florence if you are looking for somewhere to start. 🙂


Virtual Performances

Many performing arts venues are providing performances for free, including the NAC, the Stratford Festival, and the National Theatre School in the UK. Check their websites or Facebook pages for details. 

Best practices during COVID-10

Don’t forget these important practices, recommended by the WHO and our public health experts. 

wash your hands frequently; keep physical distance of 2m
Don't touch your face; get medical help if unwell

The outdoors: our field, park & play structure

dovercourt staff pose on playstructure

Update May 9, 2020

The City of Ottawa has reopened many parks for use —with some conditions. Playstructures and benches continue to be off-limits. 

Read the latest on the City’s website >

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